Occupational Health

Sickness Absence Assessment and Management

We can help companies monitor and manage sickness absences. This can form part of an integrated service designed to expedite the return of employees to health and work following a period of illness.

Management Referrals

Referral of an employee to an occupational health advisor for an objective medical assessment. Employees can be seen throughout the UK and a report addressing management’s concerns and providing clear advice and recommendations is supplied swiftly.

Ill-Health retirement assessments

Our occupational physicians can objectively assess cases of individuals who are seeking retirement on the grounds of ill health, providing impartial advice to pension fund trustees.

Pre-employment Health Screening

To assess the medical and psychological suitability of an individual for a specific role in compliance with the job description and Health and Safety Work Act legislation 1974.

Night Workers Health Assessments

We can help your organisation meet the terms with the Working Time Regulations 1999 by providing medical assessments for all your staff members who are classified as night workers.

Stress management and counselling

Sabien Health provides a range of stress management tools designed to identify, manage and minimise workplace stress.

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Physiotherapy Treatment

Access to a nationwide network of qualified physiotherapists.

Health Surveillance

Our Health Surveillance programmes detect any potentially harmful health effects of certain work activities at an early stage. The aim is to protect the health of the workforce while assisting in the evaluation of existing control measures, as part of an integrated Health and Safety policy.

Health Screening

We provide tailor made medical examinations with a highly personalised approach aimed at early detection of and intervention in health problems of key staff.

Health Promotion Activities

Sabien Health can provide your organisation with a range of health awareness initiatives to promote a positive, long-term health culture. Our health awareness activities can be tailored to meet your organisational needs in terms of subject matter, number of employees and budget.

Display Screen Equipment Assessments

Assessment of workstations and potential risks to employees.

Rehabilitation due to injury/prolonged sickness absence

Proactive medical programme to assist with the speedy return to health and work